5 EASY AUTUMN SLOW COOKER RECIPES 2020 | Budget AND Family Friendly CROCKPOT Recipes

Elo! Another Autumn vid! 5 Easy Autumn Slow Cooker Recipes 2020. Budget AND family friendly easy meals and recipes for your Crockpot this Autumn (Fall) 2020. These are just 5 of some of my favourite “dump and go” (sometimes healthy) type Autumn slow cooker meals and recipes. I have lots more (including stews and soups and more vegan recipes) coming up in future videos! ALL recipes you see today (and their methods) are live on my website (linked blow) for you to use! Such yummy, warming, easy, budget friendly and affordable recipes for this Autumn! ????????????

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⇢ Apricot Chicken ???? https://sopherina.co.uk/apricot-chicken/
⇢ French Onion Soup ???? https://sopherina.co.uk/french-onion-soup/
⇢ Red Cabbage (or Any Veg) Soup ???? https://sopherina.co.uk/red-cabbage-and-any-other-veg-soup/
⇢ Slow Cooker Pizza ???? https://sopherina.co.uk/slow-cooker-pizza/
⇢ Warming Satay Chicken and Rice ???? https://sopherina.co.uk/warming-satay-chicken-and-rice/

⇢ Easy Summer Slow Cooker Meals 2020: https://youtu.be/nzGJe1IYVP0
⇢ Aldi Grocery Haul w. prices: https://youtu.be/EbdG-XF3Ipg

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