Welcome to The Crock Pot Times!

My name is Lynn and on this page I use the nom de plume, Chef.

I’m not really a chef, I just like nice and easy ways to make my meals.

I was introduced to Crock Pots by my friends dear wife, who is now in heaven overlooking how he messes up her nice clean kitchen but at the same time come up with some great meals.

Crock Pot cooking makes your life easier! Whether you’re a single parent, caregiver, busy entrepreneur, etc. just add a few ingredients, set the timer and go about your daily chores or business. BAM, the meal is ready in a few hours. If only laundry was this easy!

The videos you see on this page are from many existing sources on YouTube. I’ve used many of them as is, and have to say there is a variety that should satisfy every person’s taste.

They are not mine, what you see is what the person prepared. I work at advertising company that keeps me busy so I use crockpot meals weekly.

Getting around the site is easy. Use the search box on the top or just scroll and look around. The last time I looked their were many videos with all types of meals.

Enjoy the page. If you have a video you want to add just send me a message by clicking here.


AKA The Chef

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