AMZ BBQ CLUB, BBQ Gloves and Meat Claw Accessories with Heat-Resistant Silicone Glove and Meat Shredder (Orange)

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BBQ Accessories SetBBQ Accessories Set

Get creative with your backyard BBQ’s

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Grill meat for tacos, make pulled pork for a luau or just shred your dinner for fun!

People may come to your barbecue expecting the standard chicken, hotdogs and burgers, but they’ll be blown away with your outdoor culinary expertise when you serve something spectacular.

This simple BBQ claw will help you quickly become the BBQ king of your neighborhood.

Convenient to use, wash and store

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This BBQ claw set couldn’t be easier to use. Simply put on the gloves (safety first), grab a claw in each hand, and shred to your heart’s content.

No need to waste time pulling at the meat with a fork when you and your guests should already be enjoying dinner.

This BBQ claw and glove set is dishwasher safe and relatively flat for easy storage.

Makes An Amazing Gift

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Apart from making this BBQ tools set yours, you can also offer it as a gift on any occasion including birthdays, Fathers day, anniversaries, weddings and more.

From now on, people will remember you for your unforgettable barbecue nights and the extremely useful presents you make!

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SAVE TIME – Use your BBQ Claw shredder to shred, pull or carve any kind of meat. No need to bring it back to the kitchen for prep. Simply tear and serve!
TONS OF FUN – You’ll feel like a beast tearing up your catch as you grill and serve the main course. Everyone will want to help with the food prep at your BBQ!
SAFE AND CONVENIENT – Use your silicone BBQ gloves to keep your hands safe while you’re shredding dinner or anytime you’re cooking. These silicon gloves are heat-resistant and dishwasher safe.
GREAT GIFT FOR DAD – Dad’s BBQ tool kit won’t be complete without this unique and handy 4-piece grill accessories set.
GUARANTEED – If you’re not satisfied, take advantage of our easy returns or exchanges within 60 days of your purchase., $20.99, $20.99

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