B4Life Wine Rack Wall Mounted, Wall Wine Rack for 12 Wine Bottles Wood Wine Racks for Wall, Wine Holder Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Racks for Kitchen,Dining Room,Bar

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Product Description

wine rack wall mountedwine rack wall mounted

wall mount wine rackwall mount wine rack

Modern and Rustic Wall Wine Rack

wine rack wall mounted wine rack wall mounted

wall wine rackwall wine rack

wine rack wine rack

Sturdy Metal Shelf

The holder is made of high-quality metal material, the surface is painted, and it is durable.

High-strength Welding

Using high-strength welding technology, it is very strong and will not easily break.

High-quality Wood Board

The width of the wood board is 2 in and the thickness is 0.63 in, sufficient to support the weight of the wine bottle.

wall mounted wine rack wall mounted wine rack

Installation Steps

wall mounted wine rack bottlewall mounted wine rack bottle

wine rackwine rack

wine holder wall mountedwine holder wall mounted

1.Determine the installation position for the wine rack, measure the distance between the 2 holes on the wine rack, use level ruler and pen to mark 2 points on the wall accordingly.

2.Drill holes(use a 15/64* ‘ 6mm drill bit) at the marked points, punch the drywall anchors into the holes with a hammer.

3.Then screwing the wine rack on the wall with the screws. Repeat the previous steps to assemble multiple wine racks !

wine rack wallwine rack wall

10.4″L x 3″W x 30.7″H 16.75″L x9.95″W x 7.5″H 12.2″L x7.4″W x 11″H 16.9″L x4.3″W x 5.8″H 15.98″L x7.87″W x 6.3″H

Wine Bottle Size: Only suitable for 750ml round wine bottles with a diameter greater than 2.76″/7cm. Supports up to 12 round wine bottles.
Wine Racks for Wall: Perfect for wine lovers, a great Christmas gifts. This rack stores bottles horizontally and keeps corks moist for longer wine life. Use it to display your wine bottles and make your dining room, kitchen, home bar look beautiful.
Easy to Install: 1. Measure the distance between the 2 holes on the wine rack, mark 2 points on the wall accordingly; 2. Drill holes at the marked points, punch the drywall anchors into the holes with a hammer; 3. Screw the wine rack on the wall.
Package Includes: Four individual wine racks, accessories and instructions for use. You can mount them together or separately. The wall-mount wine racks take up no floor space, and are ideal for home kitchens, restaurants, wine shops, bars, wine cellars. Exclusive Patent Pending Application Number: 29887097
List Price: $45.99

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