Bellemain’s Universal Under Cabinet Jar Opener, Under Counter Can Opener [2 Pack] Premium Lid Gripper and Opener Perfect for People w/ Arthritis or Seniors, includes EZ Installation

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Modern Kitchen Essentials

Bellemain is grounded on timeless yet modern craftsmanship inspiring at-home chefs and connoisseurs to create excellent cuisine.

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Since 2007, Bellemain has been developing affordable, modern-day, kitchen essentials for those of us who don’t compromise between quality, affordability and passion for cooking. Bellemain offers well-made kitchenware and tools for the most complex of recipes to basic. You won’t find any kitchen gimmicks here. Just solid, well-made, tried and true chef-tested tools. Bellemain empowers you to create culinary creations while still enjoying cooking.

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What problem are we solving?

Cooking at home should be fun & rewarding with mouthwatering results.

What makes our products unique?

Bellemain is for the home chefs who don’t believe in compromising between affordability, quality & design.

Why do we love what we do?

At Bellemain, we love empowering DIY’ers to Home Chefs to not only cook delicious food easily but do so in a modern, elegant style with kitchenware & cookware that lasts.

EASY, ENGINEERED—WITH BELLEMAIN: Our flagship jar opener is designed to empower home chefs. It features strong carbon steel teeth set in double rows in a proven V-grip design that allow even weak hands to control everything in their kitchen.
AN AID FOR THOSE WITH ARTHRITIS, ACHING OR WEAK HANDS. Maintain your independence. Discrete and effective, this jar opener is manufactured sturdy to make sure it will be a trusty sidekick for years to come.
FROM NAIL POLISH TO PEANUT BUTTER..AND BEYOND: Bellemain’s Universal Under Cabinet Jar Opener accepts jars of all types and sizes, easily. So whether you need to open a child-proof medicine bottle, a jar of pickles or a huge vacuum sealed jar of spaghetti sauce, you’re covered!
DESIGNED FOR SIMPLE SET UP (INCLUDES ADHESIVES AND SCREWS): We designed our jar opener to be used, which is why we made it so easy to set up. Stick up with our industrial-grade adhesive back or screw it on for added firmness—both included in this kit!
FUNCTIONAL KITCHENWARE FOR HOME CHEFS. Bellemain’s Under the Cabinet Jar Opener is made for action in the kitchen. Don’t waste any more precious moments trying to open jars—open that lid in a snap and start cooking!
List Price: $16.49

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