Cave Tools Jalapeno Corer Tool Grill Topper for Cooking Peppers, Chicken Legs & Wings or Chili – 24 Capacity Racks- BBQ Grill and Smoker Accessories, Dishwasher Safe

, ,Place your Jalapeno Peppers or Chicken Legs in the Grill Raack and preheat your barbecue, smoker, or oven. Peppers and Chicken Drumsticks come in all shapes and sizes. The grilling rack works best on larger sized foods. If your peppers or chicken are too small to fit in the holes, use a toothpick to pierce the pepper horizontally so it will stay on the bbq rack
Jalapeno Corer Tool for your Grill: Make delicious grilled pepper recipes like bacon-wrapped green peppers or cream cheese-stuffed jalapeno poppers on this pepper cooker
It’s better with Bacon: Bacon-wrapped Peppers are doable, but be careful with the grease on this item.
Use as a Chili Roaster or Chicken Leg Grill Rack: Perfect clearance so you never burn your drumsticks or jalapeno poppers when roasting
Get the most out of your Jalapeno Roaster: Comes with a downloadable book of 25 recipes so your next BBQ isn’t stuck with boring, charred bell peppers
Get that Jalapeno Sizzle Again and Again: Item is stainless steel and dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. Just cook, clean, and enjoy that Cave Tools durability, $24.99, $24.99 - $21.99

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