Champagne Stoppers Stainless Steel Black Sealer Stopper 3 Pack for Champagne Cava Prosecco Sparkling Wine No Leaks No Spills Stainless Steel Sparkling Wine Stopper

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Champagne StoppersChampagne Stoppers


Toosci is committed to making quality wine stoppers

Toosci champagne stoppers are made of metal and silicon. Champagne stoppers seal the wine well without losing its original flavor or spoiling it due to improper sealing.

Champagne StoppersChampagne Stoppers

Excellent champagne stopper

The sealing effect of the champagne cork can effectively ensure the quality and taste of the champagne.

Champagne Bottle Stopper is made of metal and silicon. The surface of the metal is black lacquered to effectively prevent rust and corrosion of the product. The silicone part is very safe and will not affect the quality and taste of the wine.
The double buckle design securely buckles the champagne bottle stoppers professional on the bottle, and the silicone parts closely fit the bottleneck, completely preventing the loss of odor.
The operation of champagne sealer stopper is very simple, just insert the silicone part into the bottle, and fold down the hinge-mounted flap to lock it on the lower lip of the sparkling wine bottle. The wine bottle stopper can be used multiple times, which is convenient for environmental protection.
Excellent workmanship. The combination of black matte metal and milky white silicone makes the champagne stopper look very delicate, not only can be used by yourself, but also a good gift for friends and loved ones.
Small size, easy to store and use. The surface of the wine bottle stoppers is smooth with no sharp edges, so it is safe to use. Easy to clean, just rinse with water and wipe dry., $12.99, $12.99

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