CLIP-4-GOOD for Rolled Up Sleeves – Sleeve Clips Securing Sleeves While Gardening, Doing Dishes, Cooking – Pack of 2 Sleeve Clips – Available in 5 Colors – 100% Proceeds to Charity (Grey)

, ,Please see “how to wear” directions on package
VERSATILE T-SHIRT SLEEVE CLIPS – if you’re cleaning up after a family meal, planning a couple of hours in the garden or working in a busy kitchen then these sleeve clips for rolled sleeves are for you! No more pushing your sleeves up constantly and getting wet or dirty, simply roll up your sleeves, clip in place and you’re good to go!
EASY TO USE SLEEVE CLIPS – to use these t shirt sleeve clips to hold up your sleeves, simply roll up your sleeves, insert the clip over either side, gather the fabric and clip closed. Please watch our ‘how-to’ video. Clips designed to gently clip close so the fabric will not be damaged in use while still holding the sleeve firmly in place
SIZING AND COLOR INFORMATION – made from one solid piece of durable plastic, our universal size rolled up sleeve clips are designed to hold up the fabric on t-shirts, shirts and sweatshirts. Available in five colors – Black, White, Peach, Gray and Light Blue, each set of clip4good sleeve clips comes in a pack of 2. Please select your color choice when ordering
ALL PROCEEDS TO CHARITY – 100% of the proceeds from the sales of sleeve clips will be donated to charities which concentrate on rebuilding hurricane struck areas in the USA. Roll up your sleeves for those in need!, $5.99, $5.99

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