Courant Oval Slow Cooker Crock, with Easy Options 7 Quart Dishwasher Safe Pot, Stainless Steel

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Product Description

Courant Slow Cooker SeriesCourant Slow Cooker Series

Turning Basic Ingredients...Turning Basic Ingredients...

Slow Cooker Ideas






Make your favorite soup with the Courant slow cookers. Pour in some water, add a bit of spices and enjoy a hot bowl of deliciousness. It’s that simple!


Cook some tasty main dish that makes your mouth water just by smelling its aroma. Save yourself the hassle with Courant slow cookers and get gourmet results.


With Courant slow cookers, you aren’t limited to making good side dishes. With your imagination, the best meals are created.


Make your favorite treats with Courant slow cookers. Brownie cake, apple sauce… it’s all possible!

Slow Cooker Features

Tempered Glass LidTempered Glass Lid

Dishwasher SafeDishwasher Safe

Adjustable Cooking SettingAdjustable Cooking Setting


For extra strength and protection.


The Courant slow cookers are dishwasher safe for an easy and quick cleaning.


Three adjustable cooking settings (warm, low & high), power indicator light and non-skid feet.

Courant. Your Kitchen Made Better.Courant. Your Kitchen Made Better.

Courant 7.0 quart capacity Crock slow cooker: Whip up savory dishes anytime, using basic ingredients available on hand! Our great series of slow cookers is designed to turn “simple input into delicious output”! No more hassling with time limitations! Recipes included!!
Three Heat Settings, Low, High, keep Warm, and off settings for ideal slow cooker performance with every recipe. With Courant you get to create dinner at your convenience. When preps done, Just lower the setting, head off to accomplish your scheduled tasks, and allow the flavor to seep in while stewing slowly
Slow Cooker features Non-Stick, Removable, and Dishwasher-safe stoneware Crock insert. Cleanup is a breeze with the dishwasher-safe crock and tempered Glass Lid.
Power indicator light, Removable Ceramic pot for easy Serving and cleaning!
Brushed Stainless Steel Housing, Cool to touch handles and knobs, Non-skid feet, 320 Watts, 120V, 60Hz
List Price: $54.79

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