DALOKIZ Acacia Wood Spurtle Set Kitchen Tools as Seen on TV Wooden Cooking Tools with Wood Slotted Spoon Spatual Spurtle Set

, , At DALOKIZ, our mission is to provide premium quality kitchen utensils, tools, and accessories whose purpose is to enhance your cooking experience without compromising your safety and comfort. We rely on the highest quality materials, traditional craftsmanship techniques and trustworthy suppliers to deliver a wide range of kitchenware that will never disappoint in terms of durability, aesthetics, and practicality. Should you not be entirely pleased with your purchase, our customer care department is at your disposal and will address any issues or concerns!

Wooden Spurtle Set – Complete Kitchen Utensil Tools for Fun and Easy Cooking

Our wooden utensil set is a must-have for people passionate about cooking with high-quality and practical tools, specially crafted to make your life easier and comfortable in the kitchen. Made with natural, eco-friendly wood, our spurtle set is the result of premium craftsmanship, featuring a durable wooden design with curved edges, long handles and a smooth finish that will not scratch your pans and pots while ensuring easy handling. These wooden cooking utensils are also completely safe and food-grade, but also very practical and versatile so you can use them for cooking, mixing, baking, stirring or serving ingredients.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of this product:

5-pcs spurtle set by DALOKIZ;
High-quality and natural materials;
Eco-friendly and safe;
Non-toxic and free of chemical coating;
Premium craftsmanship;
Durable and sturdy;
Heat-resistant and non-stick;
Easy to clean and maintain;

The complete spurtle set includes:

1 x original large spurtle
1 x large slotted spurtle spoon
1 x skinny spurtle
1 x mini spurtle
1 x honey spurtle
1 x wooden spurtle holder
1 x spurtle hanger
Double-sided adhesive tape

You will love these spurtle
[A Must in Your Kitchen]: When you are passionate about cooking, choosing premium utensils and tools is essential to transform ingredients into mouthwatering dishes! That is why DALOKIZ puts at your disposal a complete wooden spurtle set that not only will help you make delicious recipes but also adds a traditional touch to your kitchenware!
[Eco-Friendly Natural Materials]: These wooden utensils for cooking are made with high-quality, natural acacia wood, free of chemical coating which makes our wooden cooking utensils an eco-friendly choice and completely food-grade and safe. The wooden spoons for cooking are also non-stick, heat-resistant and durable, so you can enjoy them for years to come.
Thoughtful Gift Set: Whether you want the wood utensils set for cooking for yourself or as a gift for someone special, you can be sure that you will leave a lasting impression! The wooden utensil set makes the ideal gift for cooking enthusiasts, professional chefs, family, colleagues, or friends on a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or other special occasions.
[Everything You Need]: This 5-piece cooking utensil set includes 1 x original large spurtle, 1 x large slotted spurtle spoon, 1 x skinny spurtle, 1 x mini spurtle, 1 x honey spurtle together with 1 x wooden spurtle holder, 1 x spurtle hanger, hooks, screws and adhesive tape for easy installation.
[Practical and Versatile]: The wood kitchen utensils are extremely useful and versatile, featuring long handles, smooth round corners and curved edges for easy handling with any pan, pot or jar. These wood cooking utensils can be used for cooking, mixing ingredients or salads, serving food, stirring, scooping, smashing, sifting, draining, or spreading creams and so much more., $22.99, $22.99 - $16.79

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