Easy Crockpot Keto Pizza Casserole Recipe

Stop what you’re doing and listen up! You NEED to head to the store to grab the ingredients to make our keto-friendly crustless pizza casserole in the Crockpot slow cooker for dinner tonight. Your tastebuds will thank you!

Like so many Crock-Pot and slow cooker recipes, this meal is pretty simple to throw together. Layers of meat, cheese, sauce, and veggies (if desired) make up this crustless and low carb pizza casserole. Better yet, it’s totally family-friendly, even for picky eaters!

Not only does this keto pizza casserole make for an easy weeknight meal, but it’s also a great recipe to use as a dip for sticks of celery as a yummy keto appetizer. It also reheats beautifully the next day if you need a quick lunch.

I won’t keep you here reading any longer so check out the video above for the how-to tips on making keto pizza casserole in the slow cooker and get the full recipe details in the post below on Hip2Keto!

Keto Crockpot Pizza Casserole Recipe: https://hip2keto.com/recipes/keto-crockpot-pizza-casserole/

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