Electric Lunch Box Food Heater,3-in-1 Portable Food Warmer Box for Car and Home 60W,12V 24V 110V, 2 Compartments,Removable Container 1.8L,with Fork,Spoon and Carry Bag

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Product Description

Electric Lunch Box Electric Lunch Box

Are you often busy and have to eat cold food? From now on, with our electric lunch box, you can enjoy hot meals anytime, anywhere!

Portable for Car & Home Use

This portable food heating lunch box contains 2 plugs: 12V/24V car/truck power cord, 110V for home/office use. Whether you are on the go or running your busy work in the office or working outside, Sunnycome electirc lunch box make you enjoy a delicious and warm lunch.

Supports: 12V Car Use + 24V Truck + 110V Home/Office Use.

Material: Food grade PP material & 304 stainless steel,safe and durable.

Removable: 1.8 L large capacity stainless steel container is removable, very easy to clean.

12V/24V adapter power cord allowing you to heat food while driving and enjoy hot meals during the journey.

Lunch Box Lunch Box

WARM HEALTHY MEAL ANYWHERE: No microwave required. Always on the GO and tired of cold or fast food.

Now simply plug in and heat up your food with the Sunnycome 60W fast heating system electric heating lunch box at home/office or in car/truck using the 110/12V/24V power cables. Enjoy your warm & healthier homemade food.


Size: 9.3*6.5*4.8 Inch

Color: Green+Royal Blue

Watts: 60W

Capacity: 1.8L.

Rated Volts: 12V/24/110V

Material: 304 Stainless Steel and Food Grade PP Plastic.

Food Warmer Lunch BoxFood Warmer Lunch Box

60W Fast Food Warmer lunch Box1.8L Large CapacitySteam Outlet DesignLeak-Proof DesignPortable for Car & Home Use

Easy to CleanPortable Lunch BagPortable lunch box heater

Portable handle: With a portable handle, which easy for carry anywhere.

Lunch Heating boxLunch Heating box

Enjoy Warm & Healthy Meals

This food heating lunch box is designed with circulating heat to keep your food nutritious and fresh. It not only heats your meals quickly, but is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Heating Time: Summer: 15-25 Min

Heating Time: Winter: 25-40 Min

If the food has been left for a long time, it is recommended to add some water to the food.

Remember to unplug the power cord after heating

Question 1:What kind of food can I use the electric lunch box to heat?

Answer 1: This electric heating lunch box can heat most of the food you want, and it can be used in the car.

Question 2:Will it take a long time to heat food on the truck?

Answer 2: It usually takes 20 minutes to heat food in the car and need to takes 15-20 minutes for office use.The heating time depends on the amount of food.

 Lunch Box gift Lunch Box gift



1x 304 stainless steel inner box

1x Stainless steel spoon & fork

2 x Additional plastic compartment

1x 12V/24V power cord for cars/trucks

1x 110V for home/office use

1x Leak-proof seal ring

1x Dishcloth

1x Dual-sided dishwashing Sponge

1x Improved high quality thermal Insulated Bag with internal pocket zipper to store the power cords.

 Lunch Box for home Lunch Box for home

Material: Food grade PP material & 304 stainless steel,safe and durable.


Don’t place the lunch box in the freezer or microwave.

Make sure the steam outlet is opened before heating.

Don’t immerse the heating base in water for cleaning as this will damage electrical components.

Please open the steam vent before heating.

Please pull out the power cord before eating.

Warm Tips: Don’t cleaning the heating base with water, Don’t add water to the heating base to avoid short circuits.

 Lunch Box Gift Lunch Box Gift

Healthy warm meal anytime anywhere

GREAT GIFT: An ideal birthday,holiday, or party gift for your father, Boyfriend, Husband,Co-worker, or Friends or for yourself while on the go.

Awesome gift idea for anyone who works outside of an office.

Heats up good and fast.Great warmer to have lunch in the car. It’s great for picnics, road trips for on the go or in hotel room,for a truck driver etc.

【60W Fast Heating】Our electric heating lunch box uses an upgraded 60W power supply for heating,simply plug in and heat up your food in 15-40 min.Low-consumption heat cycle to keep food at a suitable temperature and keep the moisture of the food.This food warmer lunch box makes you enjoy warm and healthier home-cooked meals.
【3-in-1 Car,Truck& Home Use】This electric heated lunch box supports 110V home/office +12V car and 24V truck use.You will love this heated lunch box.It contains two different plugs: one for Work/Home(110V),one for Car/Truck (12V/24V).People who on the road for lunch or without access to a microwave,such as truck/Uber driver/office worker will be able to enjoy hot homemade food in the car/office.
【1.8L Super large capacity】1.8L large capacity removable stainless steel container,What’s more,we provide 2 pieces 0.45L plastic box for fruit storageso you can place different kinds of food separately,they are dishwasher safe.1 x Dual-Sided Dishwashing Sponge,1x dishcloth.There is a spoon and fork on the lid, you can also use it as a cell phone stand to watch movies while eating.An ideal birthday,holiday, or party gift for your father,Boyfriend,Husband,Co-worker,or Friend or for yourself while on the go.
【Durable Leak Proof Design】In order to make the food warmer lunch box better sealed,we designed four sides snaps,plus the built-in rubber seal ring makes it completely leak-proof to enjoy a warm yummy soup or stew,It also has a folding handle, making it very convenient to take anywhere.Perfect for students,company office employees,construction workers,trucks and others who want to carry lunch by themselves.
【Safe Material & Easy To Clean】Portable heated lunchbox made of premium PP plastic and 304 stainless steel,which is safe and durable.The portable heated lunch box comes with a insulation bag,you can carry the lunchbox easily.If the food was taken out of the fridge,the heating time should be extended appropriately. Warm Tips: Please do not clean the heating base with water,and do not add water to the heating base.
List Price: $29.99

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