Fox Run Oven Rack Push/Pull Kitchen Ruler, 0.25 x 1.25 x 16.5 inches, Brown

, ,A handy tool for every cook and baker’s hands. This useful accessory promotes safety in the kitchen by allowing you to pull out the oven rack and push it back in without getting your hands close to the hot oven. Made of durable, varnished rubber wood, this push-puller also doubles as a 12-inch ruler! Use it to measure everything from pie crusts, cookie and pastry dough, and more. Our push/pull offers a variety of storage options: hang it up by utilizing its hanging hole, or keep it handy on your stove or fridge by taking advantage of the magnet conveniently featured on the back of the ruler. Experience the safer way to bake and say more to burnt hands.
DURABLE DESIGN: This rack pusher is constructed from long-lasting rubberwood, ensuring it will serve you well for many years to come.
SECURE YOUR SAFETY: Use to move racks in and out of the oven safely. No more accidentally burning your hands or fumbling with oven mitts!
MAGNIFICENT MAGNET: Features a handy magnet on the back for convenient storage.
A RULER THAT RULES: Also doubles as a 12-inch kitchen ruler, use to measure everything from pie crusts to cookie dough.
MEASUREMENTS: This oven rack puller weighs 0.32 ounces and has dimensions of 0.25 x 1.25 x 16.5 inches., $5.99, $5.99

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