Generic Japanese Kitchen Knife Handle, Octagon, Stabilized Wood, Finished Scales, WA Unique Wooden Kyoto Sunset (Large), Orange

, , Traditional Japanese handle with a modern twist in an orange color named Kyoto Sunset. It feels like holding something smooth and warm in your hand – a glow in the sky at sunset or a burst of bright autumn colors. We chose a universal, octagonal shape that comfortably fits the hands of both right- and left-hand users. It offers a firm grip for easy and comfortable use of the knife and makes even the most difficult tasks a breeze. The weight of the handle is suited to Japanese blades, so the knife will be evenly balanced. Handles are made of natural maple wood harvested in North China, Russia and the USA. It undergoes a special procedure of stabilization with resin, which ensures a very long service life of the handle. During this process of stabilization, a color pigment is added and is then absorbed in the wood fibres. After the final treatment and polishing, the handle reveals the grain of the wood. For the handles, blocks of maple burl with irregular and non-uniform structure are used, thus the dyes penetrate the wood in different ways, creating unique patterns. This makes every handle one-of-a-kind. Colors and patterns of handles vary from what is seen in the pictures. Handle Size Recommendation: Small – Petty, Utility, Pairing up to 150mm (5.9in) Medium – Bunka, Santoku, Nakiri, Gyuto, Slicer up to 210mm (8.3in) Large – Gyuto, Yanagiba, Slicer, Deba (150 or 165mm) longer than 210mm (8.3in)
Fit your Japanese knife with a new, traditional WA octagon shape handle. Transform your knife into a unique piece of art.
Suitable for all Japanese kitchen knives: Petty, Utility, Pairing, Santoku. Nakiri, Bunka, Gyuto, Slicer, Yanagiba, Deba
Easy to mount, a detailed step-by-step instruction manual is included.
Made of high-quality stabilized wood scales. Stabilized wood is made by soaking a dry piece of wood into a stabilizing agent, epoxy, which fills all the pores and makes it water-resistant, harder, more durable, and gives every handle a unique pattern, achieved by adding different colors to a stabilizing agent.
Available in four different colors: Tokyo Night, Kyoto Sunset, Okinawa Reef, Tottori Sand, $76.00, $76.00

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