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This GIANT Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup is a supersized version of the classic American treat by Reese’s – cool crisp chocolate on the outside and a delicious peanut butter mixture within. This giant version is designed to be cut into wedges and served in place of a birthday cake or large dessert. The perfect gift for any Reese’s fan – give it a try today!


700g of Milk Chocolate
2 Cups of Icing Sugar, sifted (aka Powdered Sugar or Confectioners Sugar)
125g of Butter (at room temperature – I used unsalted)
500g Jar of Smooth Peanut Butter (not too oily)
Pinch of Salt

Preparation Time: About 15 minutes
Chilling Time: About 2 hours

SERVES 10 to 12 (depending on serving size)

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