Greater Goods Chainmail Scrubber | Clean the Cast Iron Like a Pro without Losing Seasoning | Dishwasher Safe and Easy on the Hands | Designed in St. Louis

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A Stunner of a Scrubber: Cleans deep and does it easy. If you want a dish scrubber that doesn’t require any extra elbow grease, then you’ve found it in the Greater Goods chainmail scrubber. Easily gets cast iron, cookware, and any other dishes cleaned in a breeze.
Toss It in the Wash: It’s a dream—a scrubber that’s safe in the dishwasher. You won’t have to worry about throwing the Greater Goods chainmail scrubber away after using it on three dirty skillets. Keep it clean and let it last.
All About the Feel: With the amount of dishes we all do, the cleaning tool should be comfortable to use. The Greater Goods scrubber, with its silicone core, feels great in the hand. Clean good and clean comfortable.
Keep Seasoning Safe: When you put in the work to build a great seasoning in cast iron, the last thing you want is to hurt it cleaning. No need to fear; with our scrubber, the ringed chainmail cleans all the gunk and crust but leaves that seasoning perfectly intact.
The Life Cycle: Greater Goods chainmail scrubber is a very practical product too. We know how many sponges it’s likely you go through in a year. Why do that, when our scrubber can last you years and years?
Now It’s Flexing: With its flexy silicone core, this scrubber gets even the grimiest, hard to reach corner of a pan clean.
A Perfect Compliment: Keep your cast iron up to the high standards you expect of it. The Greater Goods chainmail scrubber is the perfect tool for keeping your beloved skillet squeaky clean., $15.88, $15.88

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