HOME GROWN Bonsai Tree Kit – Premium Bonsai Tree Starter Kit – 4 Variety of Seeds – Japanese Maple, Sacred Fig, Japanese Privet, and Cotoneaster – Grow Your Own Bonsai Trees (Seeds Only)

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Great for Beginners – Grow beautiful miniature trees with your beginner-friendly bonsai kit from Homegrown. Learn the basics now. Delve into the complexities of pruning, trimming, and wiring later.
What Is Bonsai? – Bonsai isn’t a single species of tree; it’s a rich art that helps you develop patience and appreciation for little things. Creating live bonsai trees is a rewarding challenge.
Vibrant Variety – Plant 4 types of real bonsai tree seeds and cultivate a miniature forest full of color. Enjoy lush greens, reds, and purples from your jacaranda, hinoki, Chinese elm, and crepe myrtle.
Grow Guide – Don’t start your indoor gardening journey alone. Get expert assistance from your detailed bonsai tree growing kit’s print and digital grow guide. Learn what it takes to get your flora to flourish.
Homegrown Heart – Let us help you turn your thumb green with bonsai growing kits designed for gardeners of all skill levels. Your bonsai seed kit is backed by our dedication to your growth as a grower.
List Price: $17.99

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