In n Out Double Double Animal Style | Copycat Recipes

In n Out Double Double Animal Style | Copycat Recipes – Check out this In-n-Out Double Double Animal Style Copycat Recipe. It has 2 all beef patties fried in mustard, 4 slices of cheese, animal sauce, pickles, lettuce, and caramelized onions and it’s very easy to make!

Double Double Ingredients
Beef Patties:
1 lb. Ground Beef (best results use 80% / 20%)
8 Slices American Cheese (I used a mild cheddar)
1/2 cup Yellow Mustard
Salt and Pepper to taste

Secret Sauce:
1/3 cup mayo
3 Tbsp ketchup
1.5 Tbsp Sweet Relish
1 tsp Sugar
1 tsp White Vinegar

Caramelized Onions:
2 Yellow Onions, diced
1 tsp Salt
1 Tbsp cooking Oil
3 Tbsp water

Buns & Toppings:
2 – 4 soft plain Hamburger Buns
4 tsp butter (about 1 tsp per bun for toasting)
8 Dill Pickle slices (4 per each bottom bun)
4 slices Tomato about 1/4″ thick
4 – 8 leaves of Iceberg lettuce torn

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