Instant Pot Best Chicken & Dumplings

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Without a doubt, the most requested recipe I had coming my way was Chicken & Dumplings. And seeing as I live with a Southerner who loves his Southern food, it’s shocking it took this long to do it. 

Now this Southern staple is something that always confused this Yankee by name. When I hear the word “dumpling” I think of Chinese dumplings filled with meat (and it makes my tummy sing). I am the self-proclaimed dumpling king and can eat them every single day.

But SOUTHERN-style dumplings are more on a spectrum. Some are fluffy like matzo balls but the most common is a ribbon-like thick noodle that practically melts in your mouth – like a creamy, Southern-style Chicken Noodle Soup. And that is the exact type of Chicken & Dumplings I wanted to make. 

It took me a few attempts to work out the proper consistency for the dumplings, but a few bags of flour and a bunch of butter later, I can officially say I that I’ve created a version of this classic dish to make Scarlett O’Hara forget her manners and lick her bowl clean and NEVER go hungry again!

Folks, prepare yourselves for one of the greatest and best experiences of your culinary lives with this one. And it’s SO easy to make right in your Instant Pot too!

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