Kale and Herb Stripper, Leaf stripping kitchen Tool,Cilantro Stripper Leaf Herb Stripping Gadget for Chard, Collard Greens, Thyme, Basil, Rosemary Green

, ,※ I love this tool! I can strip the leaves off herbs so quickly now. Just place the herb stem through the size hole you need and pull it through! Easy to clean. So safe that children can help you strip the leaves from your herbs too.
※ This works great for kale and herbs! Highly recommend.
※ Good and easy to use!
※ Great for stripping leaves off the stems.
※ I’ve been wondering what to do with lids while cooking, especially when I need to put a lid on and take it off again repeatedly as for some items, where I care if it’s clean or not when I set it down. I love being able to use vertical space to rest my lid, and the built in spoon holder is a nice feature. May give these to family for Christmas. Love it!
※ High Quality Material – Made of 304 Food Grade stainless steel,Anti-rust and anti-corrosion, (0.08inch)2mm thick metal will never deformation, easy to clean, reusable and eco-friendly
※ Unique Stripper Holes-9 closed holes and 3 semi-closed holes with different size, L*W is: 7.28*1.37inch, the diameter is: 0.07 in, 0.12in, 0.15in,0.17in, 0.28 in, 0.33 in, 0.39 in, 0.46in, 0.47 in, 0.54in, different size will suit for most of herb & kale, one product to meet your biggest needing
※ Quickly Prep Herbs Like Rosemary, Mint and Cilantro – We love herbs! But prepping them can be time consuming. Use the herb leaf stripper to effortlessly shear them from the stems. Perfect for Rosemary, Mint, Cilantro, Parsley and More
※Good Desigin-Warm Tips – In order to long-time use, please wash and dry the product after use; If you have any issues or advice about herb stripper stainless steel please feel free to let us know, your concern has a great impact on optimization of our products
※ Kale stripping tool is a handy tool for stripping greens. You can use it for kale ,cilantro , thyme, basil,and rosemary green., $9.99, $9.99 - $6.99

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