KITVINOUS Wine Preserver Vacuum Pump with 4 Bottle Vacuum Stoppers, Premium Wine Saver Air Remover Pump Keeps Wine Fresh for Up to 7 Days, Red

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Kitvinous Wine Accessories

The Kitvinous product collection is fit for home and commercial. Our goal is to bring a great experience to every customer

Origin of our story

We’re a group of wine lovers. Products incorporate the ideas of wine lovers and enhance the wine experience. We are committed to making things simpler, and bringing Kitvinous to you.

What benefits of our products?

Kitvinous line of products inspires taste life. Immerse yourself in the beauty of wine. A good experience will make you feel the joy of wine in advance.

Our original intention

Our team’s innovation in wine accessories determines how we should do it. Our goal is to bring a great experience to every customer. Kitvinous can be an important part of every occasion.

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Kitvinous line of products inspires taste life.

Good wine opener are the start of a wine tasting and the basis for building friendships.

Kitvinous is planning how to become the first choice of wine lovers. Making it better for you to enjoy wine without having to be a sommelier. Our wine accessories save time to a large extent.

Never Waste After A Sip – A smart and sturdy wine saver pump set that can keep most opened wine fresh for up to one week, the wine vacuum pump and stopper slows down the oxidation process which makes it possible to enjoy your wine again
One Size Fits All – The valued set contains 1 wine preserver vacuum pump and 4 wine pump vacuum stoppers that fit snugly on most wine bottles, perfect for all red and white wine
Made to Last – The design of wine savers vacuum pump is highly durable and will tolerate regular prolonged usage, while it’s easy to use and does not strain hands
Smart Stopper – This food-grade silicone wine vacuum stopper preserves wine and prevents spills and leaks, featured a easy-push tab on the top to release vacuum seal
Top-Notch Gift – The wine pump vacuum is true must-have and great gift for the wine enthusiasts, it is especially great if you just want a sip or taste of a quality wine
List Price: $9.99

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