Koolatron WC24 Thermoelectric Wine Cooler 24 Bottle Capacity with Digital Temperature Controls – Vibration-free and Quiet Cooling Power, 5 Removable Shelves, Black (24 Bottle)

, , Efficient and reliable luxury wine storage Koolatron®’s 24-bottle capacity freestanding wine cellar makes a stylish addition to any kitchen, office or condo with enough capacity for two full cases of wine. Separately controlled temperature zones provide the ideal climate for your red, white, and sparkling wines and the external control panel lets you view and adjust the temperature without opening the door. This compact wine cellar brings together functionality and style with a mirrored glass door that protects from UV rays and soft interior lights and removable wire racks which let you customize how to showcase your collection. Technology meets style in this elegant wine cooler The Koolatron® Dual Zone 24 bottle unit lets you store up to 12 bottles of red wine in the upper zone at 54-66°F (12-18°C) and up to 12 bottles of white or sparkling wine in the lower zone at 46-55°F (8-12°C). Advanced thermoelectric technology cools efficiently with no noise or vibrations, keeping your wine at a consistent, ready-to-serve temperature with the sediment undisturbed. Why buy a dedicated wine fridge? Experts recommend storing wines at higher temperatures than your typical refrigerator provides, especially for long term storage. Temperature variations can cause both the wine and the cork to expand and contract, which can allow oxygen to seep into the bottle and spoil your wine. Keeping wine in a climate controlled environment slows that aging process significantly, preserving the quality, color, aroma, and flavor of your wine. Tips for getting the most out of your wine cooler: Ensure your wine cooler is set up away from heat-producing appliances and out of direct sunlight Allow two inches of space between the unit’s side and the wall and four inches between the back of the unit and the wall for air circulation and ensure the fan is not obstructed For optimal flavour, experts recommend keeping red wine at 55-65°F (12-19°C), white wine at 48-54°F (9-12°C) and sparkling wine at 45-47°F (7-8°C)
DUAL ZONE COOLING – Separately controlled upper and lower temperature zones can each hold 12 bottles of wine at their ideal storage temperature
EXTERNAL TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLS – Tap the digital display to easily adjust the temperature in each zone or turn on the interior LED light without opening the door
FREESTANDING CONVENIENCE – Place this attractive, compact unit anywhere there is a power source so your favourite wines are always close at hand
UV PROTECTIVE DOOR – Attractive mirrored glass door protects your wine from damage by harmful UV rays while soft interior lighting subtly highlights your wine collection
RELIABLE COOLING – Eco-friendly thermoelectric technology efficiently cools to 46-66°F (8-18°C) without any vibration or harmful CFCs to ensure your wine is kept at an optimal temperature, $336.63, $336.63

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