Laughing Smith – Wet Farts – Potent Stink Spray – Extra Strong Stink – Hilarious Gag Gifts & Pranks for Adults or Kids – Prank Stink Stuff – Non Toxic – Smells Like Really ‘Bad’ Gas

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laughing smith prank brand storylaughing smith prank brand story

How did we get our start?

Mix some corporate boredom, adhd, a prankster, and whola – Laughing Smith . One of our first items was the prank kit, packed on our living room floor. A lot has changed since then but we still love getting a good laugh!

Why do we love what we do?

Pranks were a part of our founders childhood and continue to be to this day. We have met a few people who don’t love what we do. We call them. . . well let’s save that for another time.

What problem are we solving?

Everyone knows laughing makes you live longer. . . maybe we are really in the life extension business.

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MAKE YOUR VICTIMS RUN FOR CLEAN AIR! – This stinky bum fart spray is so potent, your victims will be left gasping and running for fresh-smelling air with just one spray! To play the ultimate prank, use indoors for the strongest stench.
TOTALLY NON-TOXIC – Our fart spray extra strong prank is made with non-toxic and non-flammable ingredients that are totally safe and effective. However, please be careful pranksters – this stuff stinks really BAAAAD!
HILARIOUS GAG GIFTS FOR FART-LOVING KIDS & ADULTS – If your friends or family members find fart and poop jokes funny, they’ll LOVE Wet Farts non aerosol fart spray! Perfect if you’re looking for pranks for adults and kids, stink spray & poop prank spray.
BOUTIQUE JOKES & PRANKS BY LAUGHING SMITH – We’ve developed our Wet Farts poop prank spray so you can unleash the realistic smell of seriously bad gas on your victims. Enjoy hours of laughter and make memories that last forever with Laughing Smith!
List Price: $13.99

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