Legnoart Langhe Wine Decanter Complete Set in Luxury Wooden Crate 5-Piece with Oak Wood Base, Funnel with Filter, Decanter Drying Stand & Cork Presentation Holder

, , Legnoart lives in a magical place, at the foot of the Alps and just one hundred and sixty kilometres from the sea, as the crow flies. It is a microcosm of Italy; mountains and sea. Thousands of diverse climates have created the deal context where over the centuries have been developed hundreds of methods of understanding culinary culture and the grape harvest. All of Legnoart’s products are based on this tradition and geography.
There is a special alchemy involved in the aging process for a great cheese or a top wine. It can take months, often years, and every time that one opens a bottle of wine or cuts a slice of cheese, Legnoart is participating in that same magic. Legnoart offers ritual objects for hosting a tasting and allowing the spirit to the sensorial perception of a culture that dates back through the centuries.
A design driven brand. Some consider design to be the child of architecture, others say that it is heir to the applied arts. For Legnoart, design is the commitment that Legnoart puts into every project in order to achieve perfect expression. Legnoart strives for excellence because Legnoart wants their products to be enjoyed and valued as family heirlooms for generations.
Set Includes: Decanter in Lead Free Blown Crystal, Oak Wood Base, Funnel with Filter, Decanter Drying Stand, Cork Presentation Holder in Luxery Wooden Create
Eco-friendly building materials. The wood is uniquely finished with organic oils.
It uses materials of the highest quality that extend the life of the product.
Capacity: 2.5 Lt
Design by Enrico Albertini, $199.95, $199.95

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