Nefelibata Utensil Holder Mushroom Ceramic Rustic Functional Utensil Crock Kitchen Storage Decor Perfect for Storing Cooking Tools and Cutlery Keep Organized Large Crock for Countertops

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Large Storage Capacity – Stands approximately 6.1 inches from base to top. The diameter of the jar rabbet is 4.5 inches, and the bottom width is approximately 3.3 inches. It is functional as it can contain cooking utensils or cutlery such as ladles, spatulas, and ladles.
Sturdy Durable Construction – Constructed of robust porcelain, the mushroom container is free of dangerous chemicals and made from premium quality high-temp fired clay. It can survive regular usage and last for years to come. Strong and hefty enough to prevent tipping.
Multi-functional Container – In addition to holding utensils, the ceramic crock can be used for various other purposes. The three drainage holes at the bottom are designed to facilitate quick drainage, maintain dryness, and avoid smells. It will allow your plants to breathe and reduce the risk of root rot when used as a pot for little plants.
Decorative and Practical Gift – Giving a mushroom ceramic tableware storage jar as a gift for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or housewarming is an excellent application. The groovy canisters will spice up your daily cooking, gardening, or storing in any way you choose to utilize them.
List Price: $23.99

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