Parts Replacement for Instant Pot Duo 5, 6 Quart Qt Include Sealing Ring, Steam Release Valve and Float Valve Seal Replacement Parts Set

, , Only Compatible with Following Models:
Duo 5, 6 Quart

Package Include
2 x Sealing ring (red and blue)
1 x Steam release valve
1 x Float Valve
3 x Float Valve Seal Gasket

NeoJoy, bring new joy to your life
Replacement parts are MODEL SPECIFIC, this item is ESPECIALLY compatible with Instant Pot Duo 5 and 6 Quart
What you get: 2 x sealing ring, 1 x steam release valve, 1 x float valve, 3 x float valve gasket
Keep Pressure Cooking Safe: Replace old or damaged parts to keep your device in perfect condition, these replacement parts are designed to build and maintain pressure, without them the device will not work properly
Sweet and Savory Sealing Rings: Comes with two different colors sealing ring to prevent the odors of certain foods from transferring among your favorite foods. The blue ring is for sweet/diary food and red for savory food
Come with 2 more float valve sealer gasket, easy to replace it after discolored or broken, $12.99, $12.99

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