Potato Ricer,Ricer Kitchen Tool,Potato Ricer Stainless Steel With 3 Interchangeable Fineness Discs|Potato Press Ricer For Create Smooth Creamy Mashed Potato,Cauliflower,Vegetables and Baby Food

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Product Description

Stainless steel potato ricerStainless steel potato ricer

Stainless Steel Potato Ricer–Your kitchen partner

If you want to enjoy delicious mashed potatoes,you can try it yourself and enjoy your own handmade time.

Our potato ricer stainless can help you create light and fluffy mashed potato perfection at half the time and half the effort.

Perfect for spaetzle and spaghetti!Awesome sweet potato ricer!

The cauliflower ricer kitchen tool is made of 100% stainless steel heavy materials.The vegetable ricer have the ability to resistant stains,corrosion and deformation,it is very durable.The mash potato ricer is very labor-saving and simple,you can quickly make spaghetti that you are satisfied with.

portable hang holeportable hang hole

stainless steel materialstainless steel material

non-slip handlenon-slip handle

Non-slip knob hold metal potato ricer in place,can be hung anywhere in the kitchen

potato presser are not dented,rusted,bent or broken

Soft silicone non-slip extension handle design for easy pressing

Three changeable discsThree changeable discs

prensa papas not only used for mashed potatoes,but also very suitable for carrots,pumpkin rice,yam,pumpkin,etc.You can also use it make spaetzle and spaghetti,strain vegetables,or make delicate baby food

Suitable for potatoes, fruits, broccoli, etc.Suitable for potatoes, fruits, broccoli, etc.

kitchen ricer Suitable For All Kinds Of Food


Before pressing potatoes,radishes and pumpkins or any vegetables you want to mash,first cook and peel them.If they are too large,cut them into small pieces and put them in.When filtering fruits such as oranges,peel them first.This heavy duty potato ricer can not be used for hard fruits such as apples,peas and pineapples.

Steps: How do I use a food ricer to make mashed potatoes?

Cooked potato wedgesCooked potato wedges

press the potato blockpress the potato block

Squeeze mashed potatoesSqueeze mashed potatoes

1.Peel several potatoes or any vegetables and cut into equal sized pieces.

Tip:Cook these items in boiling water for about 15 minutes,or until they become soft enough to be crushed by a fork.

2.Place the required discs on the veggie ricer tool,place the inner tube on top,and fill the hopper with a few pieces of potatoes.

3.Place the potato gruel on the pot and squeeze the gruel handles together until the mashed potatoes begin to reach through the hole into the waiting pot.

easy to cleaneasy to clean

Product List:

Potato rice pressThree sets of interchangeable thin,medium and thick plates

Stainless steel material:The potato ricer is made of 100% stainless steel heavy materials. Potato ricer stainless steel has a longer service life than most other food mills and has no recesses.The ricer for mashed potatoes are not dented,rusted,bent or broken,so they can be used multiple times.
Soft silicone non-slip extension handle design:The anti-skid and easy-to-grip handle design of Ricer provide a comfortable lever when you are crushing rice and milling,designed to reduce the pressure and tension on your hands and wrists.Just put the food in the Ricer kitchen tool and press,you can perfectly make smooth and fluffy mashed potatoes.Besides the inner edge of the potato press handle is smooth and will not scratch you.Please rest assured to use the kitchen ricer.
3 sets of interchangeable discs:The food ricer have 3 sets of interchangeable thin,medium and thick plates,which can help you quickly make smooth and fluffy mashed potato.The cauliflower ricer tool not only used for mashed potatoes,but also very suitable for carrots,pumpkin rice,yam,pumpkin,etc.You can also use it make spaetzle and spaghetti,cauliflower,spinach,strain vegetables,or make delicate baby food.
Potato ricer stainless steel professional is easy to operate and well designed.Its working principle is very simple–put the food enter,squeeze fast-you are done,the force you have to exert depends on how cooked the potatoes are,helping you to make light and fluffy mashed potatoes.For those who like to make mashed potatoes,this handheld ricer will be a tool you should not miss.
Dishwasher safe,easy to clean and use:The potatoe ricer kitchen aid uses removable plates,the whole body of the good grips potato ricer can be disassembled,and it is easy to wash in warm water.Any food residue can be washed away with water.Please ensure that it is properly dried before storing., $20.99, $20.99

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