PZRT 2-Pack Universal Pot Lid Cover Knob Handle,Stainless Steel Replacement Cookware Pot Lid Handgrip Knob with Three Length Mounting Screws and Silicone Washer

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High grade stainless steel pot lid cover knob, can replace greatly broken or old knob, suitable for kinds cookware pot lid cover.
Stainless Steel handle is stable and durable, it’s a necessary tool for your pot cover in the kitchen. Easy to install and clean, convenient and practical in daily use.
1.Material: Stainless Steel
2.Color: Stainless steel chrome
3.Suitable For: 5mm mounting hole of lid
4.Screws length: 12mm/0.47 inches, 14mm/ 0.55 inches, 16mm/ 0.63 inches.
5.Base diameter: 53mm/ 2.09 inches
6.Handle Knob diameter: 60mm/ 2.36 inches
7.Knob height: 45mm/1.8 inches

Package include: 2pcs pot lid cover knob
How to Use:
1. Make sure the hole on the lid is 6mm or larger;

2. Insert screw from bottom side of the lid and twist knob clockwise to tighten.
Do not over-tighten. It may cause damage.

Pots size indicated may not be exact. Pots you own may have varying lid knob.

The shape of the product may not fit on glass/enamel lid properly. As it may cause
damage, do not use on glass/enamel lid.

Check periodically for crasks. Do no use if cracks found.
Do not use this product for any other purpose.
Made of high-quality stainless steel chrome, high temperature resistant, high friction resistant, insulating, anti-rust, easy to clean, sturdy and durable
Fits most lids replace your broken or old knob,Heat-resistant,dishwasher safe Can replace greatly broken or old knob,is suitable for kinds cookware pot lid cover
The inner has screws which can fasten the pot better, so you do not worry the it to fall.silicone washer that makes for an fastening and excellent watertight fit,easy to install, unique appearance design, It’s comfortable to grip
Size: Base diameter 53 mm/ 2.09 inches,handle knob diameter 2.36 inch 6cm, mounting hole diameter 0.2inch 5mm,3 size mounting screws length 0.47inch 12mm,0.55 inche 14 mm, 0.63 inche 16 mm
Suitable for many kinds of cookware lids, such as kettle, oil pot, frying pan, pot lids, saucepan Lids, pan lids and so on
List Price: $9.99

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