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Product Description

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A Great Presentation and Flavor Enhancer for Wine!

The red wine decanter displays the swirling stream of wine pouring into the transparent crystal graciously. It provides great aeration that improves the taste, smoothness, and texture of your wine while releasing the fruit and floral aroma deep within. The wine decanter helps the wine to bloom and release the fresh aroma of chocolate, vanilla, dark berry comes with it. Use SCSXGO wine decanters to enjoy a glass or two of your favorite wine during dinner or at the end of a long day.




Elegant and Graceful

Modern and elegant snail-shaped design will make this decanter a masterpiece on your table or an elegant decoration in the kitchen to impress everyone. Glass decanter accessories are suitable not only for family, lovers or friends, but also in bars, wedding or birthday parties.

100% Lead Free Crystal Glass

Transparent and crystal clear, displays the wine graciously.

The unique crystal “ding” sound will tell you how expensive and solid our glass wine decanters are.

Drip-Free Pouring

Slanted spout helps to prevent unwanted spills & drips. Help you save even one delicious drop of wine. The spout edge is flame polished, which makes it smoother and more durable than other wine decanter carafe.

Design Features: The function of the glass decanter is to make the red wine and the air fully mixed. The red wine stored for many years will have a strange smell, so directly to drink it will lose the wine’s real taste. The glass wine decanters uses fluid engineering principles to accelerate the flow of red wine by mixing it with the air, so that the internal pressure of the red wine molecular structure is quickly released. The tannic acid in the long-term high-pressure storage is rapidly oxidized, and the alcohol is smooth and aromatic. So this’s the perfect wine accessories to improve the original value of the wine.

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A Great Gift Idea: The wine decanter gift includes a red wine aerator decanter and a decanter cleaning brush. There’s reason enough to buy your very own premium luxury wine decanter. Perfect gift idea for wine enthusiasts, family, friends, colleagues, and more

▲ELEGANT SNAIL-SHAPED DESIGN-This crystal glass wine decanter is designed for all fragrant red wines, increasing the mixture of the wine with the air, allowing the aroma of the wine to fully distributing and separating the sediment from the wine. Enhancing the flavour as well as your drinking experience. There is a hollow circle in the middle of this decanter which can make it easier for holding and pouring.
▲PERSONALIZED DESIGN FOR 1000ML- Lead Free Crystal. Capacity: 1000ml – Holds up to a full bottle of wine. Enhance Purity and Taste – High light transmittance allows drinker to look closely at wine and brings visual enjoyment. Works perfect as wine decanters and carafes and also piece of art, makes a great centerpiece when having guests up.
▲A GREAT GIFT IDEA- The wine decanter gift includes a red wine aerator decanter. There’s reason enough to buy your very own premium luxury wine decanter. Perfect gift idea for wine enthusiasts, family, friends, colleagues, and more.
▲60 DAY GUARANTEE- To prove how confident we are in our decanter, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee with every purchase! If you are not completely satisfied with your wine carafe, we will refund your purchase with no exception!
List Price: $50.99

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