Silicone Sealing Ring, 3 Pack, Savory Sky Blue & Sweet Cherry Red & Common Transparent White, Fit for 8qt

, ,Upgrade Design, Leak Proof! Easy to stall and remove, seal perfectly!

Newkiton sealing rings made exclusively for model: IPLUX80, IP-DUO80.
Make sure to not use it with other pressure cooker brands.

Not confused anymore! No food odor mixed anymore!

Easily distinguish between 3 silicone rings by having a sky blue seal and a cherry red seal and get rid of mixed odor!
Cherry Red ring for sweet food and Sky Blue ring for savory food. White Ring for common use.
Made from Food-Grade Silicone
BPA or any other toxic and harmful substances free. Dishwasher Safe
Dishwasher safe.
Washing in dishwashers can remove odor.
Keep in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Enjoy perfectly sealing, wonderful cooking, and health food NOW!

Perfect Replacing Silicone Sealing Ring for Your 8qt Pressure Cooker When Deformation is Noticed or Every 18-24 Months.
Upgrade Design, Leak Proof! Easily Distinguish Between 3 Silicone Rings. Not Confused Anymore! No Food Odor Mixed Anymore!
Fit for model: IPLUX80, IP-DUO80, IP-Ultra 8Qt. Made Exclusively for Instant Pot. Not for Use with Other Pressure Cooker Brands.
Made from Food-Grade Silicone, Durable, BPA Free, and Dishwasher Safe.
Package Included: 3 Colored Silicone Sealing Rings and 2 Free Float Valve Sealers., $11.99, $11.99

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