Slow Cooker, Digital Multipurpose Timesaver, 10 Programmable One Touch Cooking Functions, Sauté, Roast, Bake, Sous Vide, Stew, Yogurt Maker, Food Warmer, Rice Cooker, Steam, 6.5QT Non Stick Inner Pot

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Multi-Functional Slow CookerMulti-Functional Slow Cooker

Smart Preset Programs with Adjustable Temperature & Time

Bake ———– 320˚F, 02:00 ———- 230 – 420˚F ————- 00:30 – 04:00Roast ———- 355˚F, 01:00 ———- 300 – 425˚F ————- 00:30 – 03:00Rice ———— Automatic ————— N/A ———————— N/ASteam ———– 00:30 ——————- N/A ——————- 00:20 – 01:30Stew ————- 02:00 ——————- N/A ——————- 02:00 – 04:00Yogurt ———– 08:00 ——————- N/A ——————- 04:00 – 12:00Saute ———- 390˚F, 00:10 ———– 375 – 425˚F ————- 00:05 – 02:00Slow Cook ——- 06:00 ——————- N/A ——————- 04:00 – 12:00Sous Vide —– 130˚F, 08:00 ———– 115 – 205˚F ————- 00:30 – 72:00Manual ——– 210˚F, 00:30 ———– 175 – 425˚F ————- 00:05 – 12:00Keep Warm —— 02:00 ——————- N/A ——————- 01:00 – 10:00






Smart Control Pannel

10 Preset programs for sauté, roast, bake, sous vide, slow cook, stew, yogurt, keep warm, rice, steam + One button adjust temp & time. Smart screen timer displays the remaining cooking time and set temperature.

Auto Power Off Protection

This slow cooker is equipped with a smart device to monitor temperature and dry burning.The slow cooker will automatically power off when it detects overheating or dry burning.

Intelligent Temperature Control

The temperature change of every preset program was set by professional chefs and programmers.Providing the most appropriate temperature according to different ingredients for tender and delicious.

Easy Clean & Dishwasher Safe

The glass lid and the inner pot are both removable and dishwasher safe.Greasy stains can be easily removed with washing up liquid and warm water, greatly reducing cleaning burden after meal.






🍚【ONE IS MORE】One AICOOK slow cooker also is sear/sauté pan, rice cooker, yogurt maker, food steamer, food warmer, sous vide machine and more. Freeing up your kitchen space.
🍛【MANUAL SETUP】175°F~425°F temperate range control and up to 12 hours time range setting in “Manual” function allow you to freely show your cooking skills, easily handle chicken, beef, pork and other flavor food.
🥘【SMART SLOW COOKER】Digital screen shows the real-time of cooking state and remaining cooking time. Once programs were finished, slow cooker will automatically switch to the Keep Warm setting, keeping your dishes warm until it is time to serve.
🍲【EASY TO CLEAN & DISHWASHER SAFE】The “ALUMINUM” non stick inner pot uses the unique “CERAMIC COATING” non stick pot, preventing food from sticking to the bottom. The detachable non stick inner pot, steaming rack, glass lid are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Just need a drip of washing up liquid, they will be brand new.
🍝【1500W HEATING ELEMENT】Equipped with a 1500w high-performance heating element which is made of “ALUMINUM”, this slow cooker has the characteristics of long life, heat evenly & stability.
🥛【SAFETY ASSURANCE】Built in overheating and dry burning protection, Pass ETL & FDA certification and long-term aging test. The slow cooker will automatically turn the power off when it detects overheating and dry burning., $102.99, $102.99

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