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VoChill Family of personal wine chiller productsVoChill Family of personal wine chiller products

We Re-Thought Wine Chilling

Crisp, cool, & refreshing from first sip to last. Enjoy wine in your glass, perfectly chilled, & never compromised by plastic or metal.

VoChill LogoVoChill Logo

The VoChill Difference

Our products are thoughtfully designed to provide the best possible wine experience through preserving the ideal drinking temperature through the last sip. We focus on Quality, Form, and Function and hope that you will enjoy our products as much as we do.

Made in the USA, Designed in Austin, TX

Beautiful glassware and flowers on reflective surfaceBeautiful glassware and flowers on reflective surface

The Glass Is Central to Wine Enjoyment

VoChill is designed to complement the beauty of the wine glass, allowing you to see, smell & taste the wine. VoChill accentuates & preserves this experience.

Don’t give up your glass to a metal or plastic tumbler.

Offer your guests a special touch of style & hospitality that you’ll be proud to share.

VoChill Founders - Lisa & Randall PawlikVoChill Founders - Lisa & Randall Pawlik

Meet the Founders

“We simply wanted a better way to preserve the chill in the glass without interfering with the wine experience.” Lisa & Randall

Where did the idea come from?

We created VoChill in a simple, yet inspired, moment. While relaxing with a glass of wine on a patio at a wine bar in Austin, TX, we found, like many times before, that our once-perfectly-chilled pours were quickly warming in the Texas heat and enjoyment was fading.

We wanted something that would keep the wine at the right temperature but would not interfere with the wine experience. We envisioned a product that would accentuate the wine glass without altering the beauty of the wine itself.

VoChill has forever enhanced our enjoyment of wine & we invite you to try it.

lifting glass from vochill and looking at winelifting glass from vochill and looking at wine

Temperature Matters

While other factors of wine enjoyment such as aeration and glass shape are subtle, it is undeniable the impact that temperature has.

Friends at outdoor table enjoying wine and dinner with vochillsFriends at outdoor table enjoying wine and dinner with vochills

Made by Wine Enthusiasts for Wine Enthusiasts

We are passionate about wine and the experiences and friendships that have been made with wine.

Our mission is to promote relaxation, slowing down, enjoying the moment and simple luxuries – preferably with a chilled glass of wine.

“VO” is taken from the word savor. We invite you to savor your moments with VoChill.

For Stemmed or Stemless

WINE CHILLING RETHOUGHT – Simply lift your glass from VoChill and enjoy. No objects inserted into wine and no metal or plastic taste or smell that compromise the drinking experience. Wine’s perfect partner while relaxing indoors or out, entertaining a guest, preparing dinner, or any time in between. VoChill makes the perfect gift for yourself or any wine lover in your life.
KEEP THE CHILL WITHOUT GIVING UP YOUR GLASS – Enjoy the pleasure of your own stemless glassware. No metal or plastic tumbler required. Fits a wide range of standard stemless glass shapes and sizes. Will not fit glasses with flat bottoms such as old-fashioned or low-ball glasses.
LONG-LASTING TEMPERATURE CONTROL – Actively chills one or several glasses of wine for well over an hour inside, and for up to 45 minutes in shaded outdoor heat. And you’re in control – simply remove your glass for less chill and leave in for more.
PERFECT FOR ALL WINES – All wines should be served with a varying degree of chill. Whites, roses, sparklings stay crisp, cool, and refreshing and room temperature reds are brought to cellar temp in minutes, bringing out the best character and flavor profile of the wine. If you normally drink your reds at room temperature, we encourage you to use VoChill with your next glass and truly experience what a difference a degree makes.
MADE IN THE USA – Designed in Austin, TX. Made of durable and recyclable materials that are engineered to last. Premium magnets provide a smooth and reliable connection between parts and a quality feel.
List Price: $44.95

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