Wine Aerator Pourer Spout, KITVINOUS Blade-Shape Decanter Spout for Maximum Oxygen Amount

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Kitvinous Wine Accessories

The Kitvinous product collection is fit for home and commercial. Our goal is to bring a great experience to every customer

Origin of our story

We’re a group of wine lovers. Products incorporate the ideas of wine lovers and enhance the wine experience. We are committed to making things simpler, and bringing Kitvinous to you.

What benefits of our products?

Kitvinous line of products inspires taste life. Immerse yourself in the beauty of wine. A good experience will make you feel the joy of wine in advance.

Our original intention

Our team’s innovation in wine accessories determines how we should do it. Our goal is to bring a great experience to every customer. Kitvinous can be an important part of every occasion.

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Wine Accessories


Kitvinous line of products inspires taste life.

Good wine opener are the start of a wine tasting and the basis for building friendships.

Kitvinous is planning how to become the first choice of wine lovers. Making it better for you to enjoy wine without having to be a sommelier. Our wine accessories save time to a large extent.

Maxmium Oxygen Amount – Kitvinous has tested the leading wine aerators and our aerator wine pour aerates significantly more than most other similar products since the blade spout design. aerated wine from bottle to glass, the blade wine aerator pourer added oxygen to wine valued up to 429% is far higher than others that only aournd 200%-320%
Reveal Nature of The Wine – By exploiting the Bernoulli effect, your wine is enriched with an optimal amount of oxygen in an aeration system with our wine pourer aerator, which opens up the complex, multi-layered structures of the wine and releases strong aromas and tastes as soon as it is served, so the wine’s tannins soften and you enjoy a perfectly balanced taste experience with every glass
If No Time to Wait – Unlike using a decanter, this wine pourer promises near-instant results. waiting for wine to breathe simply doesn’t fit with a busy lifestyle, so Kitvinous ensures this is no longer necessary. this wine airarator will help you aerate wine in the blink of an eye so you can slam back into your armchair with a glass rather than impatiently waiting for your tipple to breathe
Leaks & Spills Free – The wine aerator pourer spout fits all wine bottles, thanks to the flexible slats of the ribbed and tapered rubber stopper and ensures a secure closure, while the elaborately ergonomically-angled pouring spout will prevent annoying drops and splashes on your tablecloth – and all this simple and convenient with just one hand
Easy to Clean – Featured with high quality materials, the wine pourers for wine bottles is just as easy to clean as it is to use, so you’ll get a fuss-free experience across the board. all you need to do is direct some warm running water over the wine accessories and it will stay as good as new for lifetime
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