Yzakka Stainless Steel Shabu Shabu Hot Pot Pot with Divider for Induction Cooktop Gas Stove (30cm, With Cover)

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Product Description

The correct way of checking if a pot is leaking

Keep the pot balanced and stable. Fill with water in one side and fill with colored water (e.g. vinegar) in another side. If the water doesn’t change in color the pot is not leaking under the divider.

Filling only one side will exert some natural pressure and the liquid will leak to the other side (a natural phenomenon). It’s not leaking.

Yzakka hot pot with a S shape divider lets you to bring all sorts of dishes to serve your friends and family when you have gathering with them. All you need to do is put everything (any type) into the pot as you like. The divider helps you to serve 2 different flavors! Making Shabu Shabu or Hot Pot at home is a very healthy meal and a great alternative to going to the hot pot restaurants that cost you a lot more!

When you have party or celebration, invite your guest to your house. Do not need to worry about what to serve, simply put together and start eating! You may have guests do not like spicy, but some guests like the spicy flavor. This pot helps you to serve them without accommodating anyont to the others. In this way, you will satisfied all your guests without embarrassment.

Hot pot pal – Yzakka offers each single pot with two spoons as bonus (made of stainless steel, colors may vary to the picture, packed randomly). You do not need to purchase extra spoons for hot pot. One is regular spoon and another one comes with holes in order to filter the soup out so you can get the food you want. Easy to use instead of using chopsticks

Suitable for all cooktop, such as gas stove, induction cooktop, IH cooktop, etc.

Stainless steel – It’s made of stainless steel for durability and food safety. This pot is riveted for extra strength in handle part. The stay-cool handles let you pick up the pot from the stove without the need for any potholders. It can hold large amount of stocks, stews and more. Suggestion: serve for 6 people for 34cm size.

WARNING: There is a scratch at bottom because the divider needs to be sealed.

Fast and easy to clean – very easy cooking and easy clean up stainless construction. Delivers even heat distribution for reliable cooking results work on induction stove (must be flat surface).

Care instruction:

Use washing-up liquid hot water to give it a wash before the first time use. Do not use on one side and leave another size empty. This would cause the soup leaks to another side due to unbalanced temperature.

Because separator sealing technology will cause slight leakage on both sides.
Size: 28cm/11 inches, 32cm/12.5 inches; Weight of pot: 28cm – 12oz, 32cm – 16oz; Weight of pot with cover: 28cm – 39oz, 32cm – 53oz (approximately)
Material: stainless steel, durable and light pot,used for both gas stove and induction cooker, spoons may vary
Fast heat conduction, long food insulation and non-stick; Cool touch handles, easy to clean and storage
WARNING: There is a scratch at bottom because the divider needs to be sealed
List Price: $37.99

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